Away from the rush, in an intimate and confidential atmosphere, using all the time you need, you will learn about the collections and let help you choose models that will make your dream a reality.
Come to us with the serenity and awareness to find, along with the dress, all the right accessories that enhance the image of the bride. Booking an appointment you wll let us to be able to devote all the time necessary for a so important choice. The appointments are free of any charge.


Long experience and a great attention to the trends and details for the brides’ dreamed day. Here’s how come to life wedding dresses and accessories that you will find in the Atelier Alexander. Your happiness’ and your beauty are the greatest satisfaction for our efforts, carried out with passion and enthusiasm for an unforgettable wedding day.
The new 2024 wedding dress collections are designed and created to be fine and lovely for the finest brides and continuously updated during the year.


Every bride has her dream, different for every woman, so every Wedding dress of Atelier Alexander is: personalized and original, created just for her. We offer you a combination: product, great fit, exclusive immage and every type of service, from tailored to custom made dresses. You will receive professional advice on the choice of your apparel and accessories. The bride is followed at every stage of the preparation, giving her our availability for interviews and personal advice via social networks, email and WhatsApp.
We also produce wedding dresses from pictures or customer’s design.
Our seamstresses work exclusively by hand, on the mannequin and embroider your dress carefully and gently, trying to satisfy all your needs.
The accessories that accompany it are always made by hand and made to measure in our workshops and strictly coordinated with the dress, using the same fabrics, lace and colors to put the unique finishing touches.
The brides are followed even after the big day. You can reported to us your gown for refurbishing. You will receive it within a few days washed, ironed and repaired. Doing so will give you the opportunity to keep your dream in perfect condition.


Discover the opportunity to choose your wedding dress and be pleasantly surprised: producing directly we can offer tailored wedding gowns at competitive prices, without ever losing sight of the balance between quality, service and price. At our workshop you will find a wide range of tailored gowns between 1290 and 1890 EUR and over for the most exclusive models.
Atelier Alexander also offers a line of models simple and elegant for a civil marriage from 990 EUR.
Excellent potential for savings offered by our Factory Outlet at the Showroom of Milan with discounts up to 70%.


In the Showroom in Milan you can see and try the latest models of the brides collections and have the possibility of customization options. Brides can take advantage of our customized service and have a tailored dress ata very competitive price.
For brides who want to save money, we have dedicated an exclusive space where you can find the same models of our current collections discounted by 20% to 70%. This selection comes from Show Room samples, previous year collection or or out of production models. We will realize all the necessary changes and small customizations to fit the dress that is delivered clean and ironed.
The appointments are free of any charge and you need to book it.